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QueTel Corporation Brings Innovative Evidence Management Solutions to Omnigo

On April 9, 2020, Omnigo Software announced its acquisition of QueTel Corporation, the premier digital and physical evidence management platform in North America. We are extremely excited to bring QueTel into our family of software solutions. The combination reaffirms our commitment to delivering innovative software solutions that help public safety officers and personnel more efficiently perform their day-to-day activities, manage costs, and meet compliance requirements.

QueTel Corporation is the technology leader in automating back-office operations of law enforcement, across digital and physical evidence, forensic request processing (labs), video redaction, inventory management, and training/certification. The QueTel mobile app allows law enforcement officers, security personnel, and crime scene investigators to securely create evidence files directly in the field, saving time and creating safer communities.


Shared Vision & Values

Omnigo and QueTel share similar customer bases, complementary product solutions, and overall alignment on work culture and values. Together, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to the agencies and industries we serve, providing best-in-class support to our customers, and creating opportunities for our employees.


The Road Ahead

The Omnigo and QueTel platforms will be fully integrated over time and serve as powerful functional counterparts for customers across a variety of industries where evidence, lab, and inventory management intersect with incident reporting and records management.


QueTel has been an innovator in the industry, and Omnigo looks forward to supporting and accelerating new product development in order to better serve our collective customer base.  As we integrate the products, we look forward to exploring how the combination of Omnigo and QueTel can best address our customers’ needs and continue to empower law enforcement professionals and security personnel as they ensure the safety of others.