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We exist in a world where violent intruders are the new norm and taking steps to ensure workplace safety has never been more crucial for employers. While security measures like access control and video cameras have become standard, many organizations continue to lack comprehensive, risk-based security plans.


It’s easy to assume that a comprehensive plan involves installing physical security equipment. While helpful and necessary, the implementation of these measures does not fully address the shortcomings we face in safeguarding our workplaces.


And while no one can foresee every crisis, the ability to plan for contingencies can change the effectiveness of your response. Large-scale events and multi-level emergencies demand precise planning, response, and recovery management to effectively save lives, prevent widespread damage, and improve recovery outcomes.


The single greatest advantage response teams and leaders can have when facing dynamic, potentially widespread, multilevel threats is total situational awareness.


Optimized planning, coordinated response, and comprehensive recovery phases all rely on in-depth, wide-reaching, reliable real-time knowledge of every possible detail.


No matter the organization or nature of the event, the obstacles to effective response management are the same:

  • Lack of preparation among stakeholders and response personnel
  • Multiple, non-coordinated sources of information and decision-making during response
  • Lack of a community-based approach that encourages and supports open communication
  • Failure to revisit response information to address nonperformance and improve response plans


The right tools and technology will enable your corporation to utilize its greatest assets to improve safety, mitigate instances of workplace violence, and limit liability.


Learn how Omnigo can support workplace violence prevention and incident management with our comprehensive suite of software solutions designed to help mitigate threats and safeguard brands.