Records Management System

Omnigo Records Management

Streamline data collection, instantly access critical information, create mandatory reports, and securely disseminate information into the right hands.

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Keep officers protecting and serving without the administrative hassle

Streamline Data Collection

Gather critical information and automatically populate common report fields when an incident occurs. Simplify data entry with custom fields, an easy-to-use interface, and rich text features.

Quickly Access Critical Information

Easily search within a unified database and allocate relevant incident details for crime reporting, state and federal reporting, and auditing purposes.

Easily Conduct Crime Analysis

Recognize crime trends, identify needed resources, and simplify planning of departmental budgets with built-in data analysis tools.

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White Paper: NIBRS Compliance is Coming. Are You Prepared?

Make your transition from the UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) program to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) simpler and easier to manage.

Download our white paper to learn how to prepare for your NIBRS transition.

White Paper: Improve Data Accessibility in the Field

Equip your officers with access to accurate and up-to-date information in the field with Mobile Patrol to improve their ability to respond and better protect themselves.

Download our white paper to learn how you can improve data accessibility in the field. 

Connect Trusted Public Safety Solutions with Omnigo

Omnigo Records Management offers full integration with many public safety hardware and software systems, including Live Scan Fingerprinting, E-911, victim notification systems, state/federal incident reporting, and state/federal computer systems.

“Implementing the Omnigo platform throughout the department reduced the time to complete each report by 50–80%, depending on the type of case or incident.”

Glen Robinson | Supervisor IT

From Dispatch to the Field, Seamless Information Improves Communication

By deploying the fully integrated Omnigo platform, officers reduced report writing time by 50–80%, depending on the type of case or incident. Built-in data analysis tools allow administrators and elected officials to identify crime trends, recognize needed resources, and plan budgets. Having access to real-time statistical data helps police departments become more efficient and effective operations.

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